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How to Perform Wudu

The law is that flow is necessary. When a person performs wudu, the build up of excess static electricity, form a flow and are earthed through the feet and as a result the human body is safeguarded from spasmic surface charges. By performing wudu properly, the flow is re pathed in such a way that an incomprehensible refresh spreads through the entire physique.


Perform Wudu

The Islamic ablution, Wudu is not just a ritual, but a practical means by which Muslims and others may seek to remain clean and maintain good hygiene. It mentally Prepare Muslims for the Salat (prayers),As Salat(prayers) is an Important Pillar (among Five Pillar) of Muslim Faith.It is this period when a person is most nearer to his Lord-Almighty ALLAH (swt) Muslims need to be in a state ofWudu in order to perform Salat or read and handle The Holy Qur'an.




  1. Make niyyah or the intention to perform wudu  .


  2. Recite the following  : 

    "In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, most Merciful".

    Wash your hands.   Use your left hand to wash your right hand (3 times). After that, using your right hand, wash your left hand. (3 times).

    Rinse your mouth.it involves whole mouth & upper part of throat also   Do this thoroughly to get all the remaining food in your mouth out. (3 times).

    Inhale water into your nose.   After which you will blow the water out. (3 times).

    Wash your face completely.While washing the Face the Eyes should be kept open so that water reaches in all parts of faces   The whole face encompasses your right ear to the left, and from the edge of the hair to the chin. (3 times).

    Wash your lower arms.from Wrists to Elbows,leave no part dry   Wash your right arm with your left hand (3 times) and then wash your left arm with your right hand (3 times)

    Wipe your head.   Using your wet hands, just gently wipe your head from front to back and back to front (once).

    Wipe your ears inside and out.   (once).

    Wash each of your feet.   Do so up to the ankles and between the toes (3 times). Or instead you can perform mas-h, if you have the needed requirements for doing it.

  11. Recite the following  : 

    Ash-hadu allaa ilaaha illallaahu wahdahuu laa shariikalah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan 'abduhuu wa rasuuluh  

    "I bear witness that there is no God but Allah alone, without any partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is his servant and messenger."

  12. This Should be recited while pointing Right Index Finger towards Sky  .

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اللهم صل على محمد وعلى آل محمد
كما صليت على إبراهيم وعلى آل إبراهيم إنك حميد مجيد
اللهم بارك على محمد وعلى آل محمد
كما باركت على إبراهيم وعلى آل إبراهيم إنك حميد مجيد

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وآخر دعواهم أنِ الحمد لله ربِّ العالمين  


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