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The Kufr Of “Inter-faith” Dialogue and Conferences

The Kufr Of “Inter-faith” Dialogue and Conferences.

In the name of Allah the most beneficient the most merciful.

The ideology of Inter-faith or otherwise known as Inter-Faith Dialogue is something that has become one of the greatest source of Fitnah (turmoil) for muslims living in the 21st century. If not Terrorism, then it is Inter-faith that has served has the major route to apostasy for many ignorant muslims.
This idea of inter-faith is what the Scholars of Ahlu Sunnah have termed
“حوار الأديان‎”‎
or “وحدة الأديان‎”‎
(Hiwãrul adyãn or wahdatul adyãn)

It is an ideology that was inherited from the people of the book and has become a fitnah for muslims all over the world.
I decided to compile the verdicts of scholars on this issue after discovering that some ignorant people who claim to support the Da’awah of Ahlu Sunnah or Salafiyyah and claim to advocate the struggle of the Mujahideen still back stab this very Da’awah by attending the Kufr sittings of interfaith, Allah knows best may be due to ignorance or nifãq (hypocrisy).

The Fatãwa of Sheikh Ahmad Musa Jibril (hafidhohu lloh) and Sheikh Abdul-Azeez bn Bãz (gafara llohu lahu)

Sheikh Ahmad Musa Jibril (hafidhohulloh) was asked about this issue of interfaith and he replied:

I made this comment here in response to many brothers and sisters who asked to elaborate on the issue of interfaith.
Since Interfaith is nothing but an arrow directed at Lã ilaha illa llohu’s alwala wal bara’, they have a right to ask that and it is a very good question.
In Shã a lloh, like I said, we would probably do classes just for that.
Those who attend interfaith or go to programs under the banner or platform of interfaith, those are one of two categories:

1. They are either ignorant people who may love Da’awah, but they are ignorant. They love to spread Islam and they think that is the proper way to do it, the ideal way or one of the ways to do it.

Those are the type of people who should temporarily withdraw from Da’wah, the Da’wah field and arena and sit back and learn before they misguide. Instead of the defects they are spreading.
Work for Da’wah, I said that many times and our life falls around it and I said convey what you know of ilm (knowledge), that is true, solid ilm, no matter how much you know, even though it is a little bit, convey it.
We spoke in this class on how to be kind and wise in conveying the Da’wah, so that you can open the hearts, and may be your message can reach them (kuffar) but Inter-Faith and Da’wah are two opposites.

A group of those who promote this and attend this their platforms, they are islamically untaught, their idea of Da’wah is photo shoots standing with priests and rabis and at the end of the day, returning to their wives thinking they have accomplished something in Da’wah.
They have accomplished nothing more than getting the title of total loosers as a declaration by Allah from on top of the seven skys.

“قل هل ننبئكم بالأخسرين أعمالا الذين ضل سعيهم في الحيوة الدنيا وهم يحسبون أنهم يحسنون صنعا‎”‎
“Say: Shall we inform you of the greatest losers in respect of actions? Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life while they thought that they were acquiring good by their actions”
[Sûratul Kahf, ãyah 103-104]

They thought they were acquiring good deeds but in reality, what they were doing was useless. They are loosers. Allah said they are loosers.

If one does not know the difference between Da’wah and Inter-Faith, …. There is a history behind it. If one does not know how it started in Judaism, how it started in Christianity and then how some of the so called muslims began to promote it and who and what about their agenda, then one goes to interfaith and blames you for talking about Interfaith saying he is just doing Da’wah.
These are true loosers, they do not know what they are doing. They are accumulating sins thinking they are doing something noble (Da’wah). They are ignorants, they should withdraw to learn, if you ask them the history behind it, they can never tell you.

2. The second category is those who promote it with knowledge of aspects of it or believers of it. And that is a total belief.
These are the Ruwaybidah(1) and the Munafiqeen (hypocrites) of this Ummah. They believe in this ideology (interfaith). They are the ones that help the enemies of Islam stop the spread of the true real Islam. They are seeking a version of Islam that pleases the enemies of Islam when in fact, they are supposed to please Allah. Listen to what Allah said:

“ولن ترضى عنك اليهود ولا النصارى حتى تتبع ملتهم ..,‎”‎
“And neither the Jews nor the Christians will ever be pleased with you until you follow their cult”
[Sûratul Baqarah ãyah 120]

So now, if followers of the ideology or faith of any faith or religion say that a particular Muslim, preacher, group or Sheikh is a good Muslim, that means one of two things:

1. They (the Kuffar) are liars and are just saying that (deceiving the muslims)

2. If they are truthful, that means that that Sheikh and that organization is not on the path of the Islam of the prophet sollallohu alayhi wasallam.

Because Allah says:
“And the Jews and Christians will never be pleased with you…”
And Allah does not lie.

“ومن أصدق من الله قيلا‎”‎
And who is more truthful in words than Allah?
[Sûratu Nisãi ãyah 122]

So if they will never be pleased with you, should we join them? In the next part of the ãyah, what do we do? Allah keeps giving us guidance, he said:

“…قل إن هدى الله هو الهدى …‎”‎
Say: the guidance of Allah is the guidance.
[Sûratul Baqarah âyah 120]

Interfaith is a Kufr ideology that contradicts the path of our beloved, Muhammad sollallohu alayhi wa sallam. Comparing between the two is attempting to compare between apples and oranges. The orange is the Inter-Faith.

“قل لا يستوي الخبيث والطيب ولو أعجبك كثرة الخبيث‎”‎
“Say: Not equal are evils and good, even though the abundance of evil may please you…”
[Sûratul Mãidah ãyah 100]

The filth like interfaith can never be equal to tayyib (good) like Da’wah even if the abundance of the filth may dazzle you.

Abul Wafa’ Bn Aqeel who died 513 years after Hijrah, he said:

“إذا أردت أن تعرف ما حال الإسلام من أهل زمانك فلا تنظر إلى زحامهم في أبواب الجوامع ولا ضجيجهم في الموقف ب لبيك وإنما أنظر إلى مواطءتهم أعداء الشريعة‎”‎
If you intend to know what the status of Islam is in the people of your era, do not look at their crowding at the doors of central mosques, and not at their clamor at the position of Labayk (during tawãw at hajj) rather, look at their connivance with the enemies of the Shariah.”

So, he said if you want to see the status of Islam in any era, don’t go to the Masjid to see how crowded they are, don’t go to see how loud they are in “Labayk”, go to their level of Wala’ wal bara’ and see what level it is.

Like I said last week, Walaa wal bara was such a simple matter (during the time of the Salaf) until the under developed minds wanted to give their input and cast doubts so, the Ulamã’ (of Islam) had to stand up and show the pure form of this matter.
Now we have the modernist and all kinds of groups who have been casting doubts and if we respond to them, we would stay here on this topic for weeks to come.

I advise those who can read arabic -and I am not sure if it is translated yet- a great book on this topic by Sheikh Bakr Abu Zayd (may Allah raise his rank to Firdaws) and there is also another book better than that, a four volume in dept book by a professor called Al-Qãdi on Inter-Faith, Amazing book that talked in depth about it.

[Transcripted from an 8min. lecture by Abutawheed Aningiriyi ]

Sheikh Abdul-Azeez bn Bãz was asked about this same issue and here is the text:

Question: What is the Ruling on Cooperation between the religions? Because there is currently a widespread call to Cooperation between religions.

This is an evil call, there is no Cooperation at all, except if what is meant by Cooperation between it is to call its people to do justice to what the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) brought, that they consider it, and accept that it does not contradict what was brought by the prophets which they attach themselves to as the Christians attach themselves to Jesus while the Jews attach themselves to Moses, and that it does not contradict all these, if they agree on this Cooperation, they should be called to Cooperation to affirm that what he brought is the truth as it is found in their Tora and Gospel.
Do you think that is what they call to???
As for the people of all religions to gather, become a single party while this, this and that be on a true religion, this is from the worst of falsehood, worst of misguidance, most Kufr of all Kufr, it is never possible for the Christians and Jews to be on the truth and guidance while they do not believe in Muhammad (peace be upon him) and do not submit to what he brought, this by the consensus of the people of truth -and there is no dispute over this- and the text is clear over this that all those who belie Muhammad (sollallohu alayhi wasallam) and does not affirm that he is a messenger of Allah to everybody, such a person is a Kãfir even if he were to be on the original religion of Moses and Jesus and he has not supported anything from that.
However, his rejection of Muhammad is an independent Kufr meanwhile, he has become Kãfir before that. The Jews became Kãfir initially by taking Ezra as a son of Allah and rejecting Jesus, and the Christians became Kãfir by their deviation and distortion and by claiming that Jesus is a son of Allah, that he is part of holy trinity, and that he is Allah. All these are an independent Kufr, then another Kufr came which is their lack of belief in Muhammad (peace be upon him) so many forms of Kufr therefore concentrated in them -we seek refuge with Allah- so, how do we now now cooperate with this and that in unity between religions?
How do we cooperate between Kufr and Eemãn (faith)?
It is not possible.
An example of this also is: Cooperation between Shia and Ahlus-Sunnah, it is not possible and it is never possible except with the return of Shia from what they are upon today of falsehood and uphold the position of Ahlus-Sunnah, but if the Shia should remain in their present state, how will Cooperation be possible.
This is a corrupt and evil call.
We ask Allah for health.
[Al-Fawãidul ilmiyyah min durûsil bãziyyah p322-324]


(1). Ruwaybidah means a lowly insignificant fellow who talks about issues beyond his qualification.
As found in the hadith:
“Before the hour are deceptive years, the truthful would be disbelieved, the liar would be believed, the trustworthy would betray, the betrayer would be entrusted and the Ruwaybidah would talk among them. They said: and what is Ruwaybidah? He said: a useless man who contributes to public affairs.
[Musnad #8440 ]

Translation and compilation by
Abutawheed Aningiriyi
11-11-1435 Hijriyyah | 05-09-2014 CE

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