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Secrets of the Kaaba

O Allah our Lord, lead us out from the depths of darkness and illusion, unto the lights of erudition and knowledge, and from the muddy shallows of lusts unto the heavens of Your Vicinity


وَفِي الْأَرْضِ آيَاتٌ لِّلْمُوقِنِينَ 

On the earth are signs for those of assured Faith

Earth's gravity is less powerful at Mecca

An "infinite amount of shortwave radiation" emits entirely from Mecca
into the outer reaches of interstellar space

A compass will not work at the Equator, which is why you live longer, and healthier lives, if you live in Mecca, because the Earth's Magnetic Field is less powerful there

The oldest rocks in the whole world are basalt rocks from Mecca that are also apparently not from this Solar System

Computer calculations showed that the furthest points in Africa, Asia, and Europe are all located at a distance of 8,000 km’s from Mecca. It is well known that Europe, Africa and Asia constituted the ancient world. Cities on the edges of these continents are all 8,000 km’s away from Mecca. This confirms the fact that Mecca was the center of the ancient world. As for the edges of the new world, namely North and South Americas, Australia, and Antarctica, they are all 13,000 km’s away from Mecca. Also, there is no land on the face of the Earth opposite to Mecca. There is the Pacific Ocean there. This means that Mecca is also the center of the modern world. Therefore, according to computerized studies carried out by the above-mentioned astronomical research centers, it is clear that Mecca is the center of both ancient and modern worlds. In this context, Allah, All-Mighty, says, “Verily, the first House (of worship) appointed for (all) mankind was at Mecca, full of blessings and a guidance for all worlds (of mankind and jinn).” [III; 96]


Tawaf of Ka'ba: in line with the Cosmic Law


Allah Almighty says:


And He it is Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, each in an orbit floating (Al-Anbiya, 21: 33) 


This glorious verse refers to a scientific fact concerning the system of the universe. Scientific discoveries have proved that we live in a huge universe that depends on revolution. The earth revolves round the sun once a year, the moon revolves around the earth once per lunar month, and the other planets of the solar system also revolve round the sun, each in its own orbit. Besides, most of these planets have moons that revolve around them, each, also in its own orbit. Astronomers have discovered more than 60 of these moons so far. 


The solar system, likewise, orbits a center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. This galaxy consists of more than 130 billion stars. Galaxies, in turn, revolve round a center that only Almighty Allah knows. 


The law of revolution applies also to atoms, the smallest units of elements that cannot be seen even by microscopes. An atom is composed of a nucleus whose diameter is less than a millionth of a millimeter. An atom is surrounded by electrons that move round the atom in an orbit. Since all matter in the universe-whether solid, liquid, or gaseous consists of atoms, this means that the law of revolution applies to everything: stars, planets, moons, animals, plants, sand, seas, air, and so on. 


This includes cells as well. The cytoplasm in the cell moves around the nucleus.


There is a common factor between the orbital movements of all the objects referred to above, this is, their revolution is anti-clockwise. 


Contemplating the above lines, we come to realize that revolution is a cosmic law.


With a believer's meditation upon such a scientific fact, another image of revolution is brought to one s mind: the pilgrims circumambulation of the Ka'ba, which is a basic ritual of Haj in Islam. 


Circumambulating the Ka'ba is a symbolic act of worship, whose wisdom may be hidden from some. It indicates the believers utter submission to Almighty Allah alone. The pilgrims go to Haj in response to the divine order that Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) conveyed to people. 


Allah Almighty says:


"And (remember) when We showed Ibrahim the site of the (Sacred) House (the Ka'ba at Makkah), saying: Ascribe not anything (in worship) with Me, and sanctify My House for those who circumambulate it, and those who stand up (for prayer), and those who bow (submit themselves with humility and obedience to Allah), and make prostration (in prayer). And proclaim to mankind the Haj (pilgrimage). They will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, they will come from every deep and distant (wide) mountain highway (to perform Haj)" (Al-Haj, 22:26-27). 


This signifies that the Ka`ba is the spiritual center of the believers. It refers to the close bond that should be between a believer and his Lord. A believer turns toward the Ka`ba five times a day during the prescribed ritual Prayers. 


A pilgrim circumambulates the Ka`ba as if he or she is a celestial body orbiting another greater body. Circumambulation of the Ka`bah is to be performed anti-clockwise. This indicates that there is a joint factor between a pilgrim s expressing his ultimate faith in Almighty Allah by circumambulating the Ka`ba in that way and between the cosmic law of revolution discussed above. This indicates that there is consistency between the obligations of worship in Islam and the natural laws that govern the universe, which indicates that they all belong to only one source, that is, Almighty Allah. 


This proves the truthfulness of the call of Islam that there is no god but Almighty Allah. Thus, Islam is the true religion that provides humankind with a comprehensive view in conformity with the divine truth that is apparent in the natural laws of the universe.


Tawaf: Utmost degree of love


Circumambulation means to go round something. This act shows the utmost degree of love to the extent that a lover wishes to sacrifice himself for the beloved. A real pilgrim who has thirst for meeting his Beloved has been detached from everything. By going round the House of the Beloved, he wishes to prove that he desires nothing but God. 


The planets circumambulate the sun, for they take everything from it. Inside an atom, the electrons circumambulate the protons. The whole universe ranging from the invisible particles to the planets and galaxies circumambulate. Man, being a part of the universe, should circumambulate, too, with the difference that the planets circumambulate in a compulsory way according to the laws of nature, but man, the rational being and possessor of free will, circumambulates with his logic and will a House God has appointed to honor human beings. Hence, it is natural for Muslims to offer their prayers, to sit, to stand, to recite the Holy Quran, to sleep, to lie down at the moment of death, to be put in grave, and finally to be in that direction during their lifetimes and death.


“Say: Surely my prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death are all for Allah, the Lord of the worlds. (The Holy Quran; 6:162)”


Survival of the Ka'ba, a wonder


It is a wonder that all the royal palaces built throughout history have been demolished but the Ka'ba, a house built of mud and stone about four thousand years ago by Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail (a.s) in a parched land is still upright and will continue to be loved by human beings until the Day of Judgment. 


What is more wonderful is the attraction of this House. So many glorious and majestic buildings in the world are found in areas of good climate, but the Ka'ba attracts people to itself without having means of entertainment or being satisfying people's pleasure. The reason however is natural. It is God Himself Who has created this attraction in people's hearts through Prophet Ibrahim's supplication.


سلام اس پر کہ جس نے بے کسوں کی دست گیری کی

سلام اس پر کہ جس نے بے کسوں کی دست گیری کی
سلام اس پر کہ جس نے بادشاہی میں فقیری کی

سلام اس پر کہ اسرار محبت جس نے سمجھائے
سلام اس پر کہ جس نے زخم کھا کر پھول برسائے

سلام اس پر کہ جس نے خوں کے پیاسوں کو قبائیں دیں
سلام اس پر کہ جس نے گالیاں سن کر دعائیں دیں

سلام اس پر کہ دشمن کو حیاتِ جاوداں دے دی
سلام اس پر ابوسفیان کو جس نے اماں دے دی

سلام اس پر کہ جس کا ذکر ہے سارے صحائف میں
سلام اس پر ہوا مجروح جو بازار طائف میں

سلام اس پر کہ جس کے گھر میں چاندی تھی نہ سونا تھا
سلام اس پر کہ ٹوٹا بوریا جس کا بچھونا تھا

سلام اس پر جو سچائی کی خاطر دکھ اٹھاتا تھا
سلام اس پر جو بھوکا رہ کے اوروں کو کھلاتا تھا

سلام اس پر کہ جس کی سادگی درسِ بصیرت ہے
سلام اس پر کہ جس کی ذات فخرِ آدمیت ہے

سلام اس پر کہ جس نے فضل کے موتی بکھیرے ہیں
سلام اس پر بروں کو جس نے فرمایا کہ “میرے ہیں”

سلام اس پر کہ جس نے جھولیاں بھر دیں فقیروں کی
سلام اس پر کہ مشکیں کھول دیں جس نے اسیروں کی

سلام اس پر بھلا سکتے نہیں جس کا کبھی احساں
سلام اس پر مسلمانوں کو دی تلوار اور قرآں

سلام اس ذات پر جس کے پریشاں حال دیوانے
سنا سکتے ہیں اب بھی خالد و حیدر کے افسانے

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Funeral Prayer - Salatul Janazah

There are two parts of this Salah:
1) To say Allahu Akbar four times
2) Qayam which was three Sunnat Mukeda: Sana, Durood Shareef, and Duaa for the deceased

How to pray

Muqtadee should make the niyyat, “I make the niyyat for the prayer of this janaza for Allah, duaa for this deceased, behind this imam.” Now the Imam and muqtadee should raise their hands to their ears and fold their hands underneath the navel as usual whilst saying Allahu Akbar and read Sana, a slight difference is that after wa ta’ala jadduka one must read wa jalla sanauka wa laailaha gairuk. Then without raising the hands, say Allahu Akbar and read duroode Ibraheem; then without raising the hands, say Allahu Akbar and read the duaa. The Imam must say all the takbeer aloud whereas the muqtadee must say it slowly, the rest of the azkar (supplications) are to be read slowly by the Imam and Muqtadee. After the duaa, say Allahu Akbar and now drop the hands and then turn the head both sides for salaam.


Glory be to You Oh Allah, and praise be to You, and blessed is Your name, and exalted is Your Majesty, and there is none to be served besides You.


O Allah! shower Your mercy upon Muhammad and the followers of Muhammad , as You showered Your mercy upon Ibrahim and the followers of Ibrahim. Behold, Your are Praiseworthy, Glorious.

Oh Allah! Shower Your blessing upon Muhammad , and the followers of Muhammad as You showered Your blessings upon Ibrahim and the followers of Ibrahim. Behold, You are Praiseworthy, Glorious.


Oh Allah! Forgive those of us that are alive and those of us that are dead; those of us that are present and those of us who are absent; those of us who are young and those of us who are adults; our males and our females. Oh Allah! Whomsoever You keep alive, let him live as a follower of Islam and whomsoever You cause to die, let him die a Believer.

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